Crystal : inorganic, homogenous solid body, bordered by regular plane surfaces, between whose form and substance there is an inherent, regular correlation. (Pallas Lexicon).

During the summer of 2000, in a small town in South France (Mouans-Sartoux), among building materials, I came across stones whose surface was seemingly covered by "bushes, trees, and flowers." I was eager to find out about their origins, and thus I came to know that they were the "inorganic" objects of nature, so-called dendrite crystals, growing in the same way as plants. Afterwards, I, the mortal human, presumed to digitally rework the forms of these stone pieces - whose signs have not ceased to grow since -, paying careful attention not to offend through my "artistic" activity the original creative genius; nature, and God. During the process, I have searched for the synchronicity between natural and artificial images - visual signs and phenomena - and projected the "abstract wonder of creation" through the electronic media. (Zsuzsa Dárdai)